Happy Easter! Have some Dallodils


Happy Easter! Have some Dallodils

supernatural picspams      → pilot     

supernatural picspams
     → pilot




mascara is supposed to make your eyes look bigger but a real beauty tip is having eyes at 9 in the afternoon




reading the comments that are added to my fandom post is like 2012 punching me in the face

here watch this 1 minute and 4 second long video of me recording my cat meowing hysterically in my darkened room it’ll be a blast

they only asked for a sentence....


i’m going to go back in time to stop you from being born, then go further back in time to stop cheese doodles from being invented because i fucking hate cheese doodles. and then i’m going to go further and stop myself from being born so i would never have to read this bullshit message

finish this sentence: d


ROP THAT BASS SKRILLEX,” yelled the police officer. sneering, sonny pushed open the door to the roof, tripping the emergency alarm. the officer followed closely after as it blared, squinting as the cold night air hit without mercy. 

"you don’t want to do this," he yelled, leveling his gun. skrillex was at the edge now, leaning over the railing. with a slow throaty chuckle he turned around. 

"don’t i, officer?" he smirked, the full moon gleaming off of his glasses. he clutched his prize closer to his chest. 

"no you don’t. step away from the railing. we can talk about this." he clicked the safety off. 

suddenly skrillex burst into motion, hopping over the railing and disappearing over the edge. 

"NO," yelled the officer as he rushed to where he was standing. leaning over he looked down, expecting the worst. skrillex was nowhere to be seen. down below, the citizens continued walking, unaware of what had happened high above. the alarm had stopped blaring. 

sighing, he reached for radio comm. “dispatch this is 2129.”

the radio crackled as the answer was pushed through. “did he get it?” 

the officer grinned. “he got it.” he heard the cheers over the radio. 
"i still don’t know how pulls off that disappearing act every time."

"who cares?" answered dispatch. "that asshole’s been stealing prize bass, tuna and salmon for months now. at least we finally have a lead." 

"you think we would’ve thought about putting a tracker in the fish sooner," said the officer. 

"well now we have. and he fell for it hook line and sinker."

i can hear frogs outside my window and that makes me happy

some obnoxious boys are yelling and skateboarding outside my house and i’m really tempted to yell back and see what they do





"order a pizza", he said

"hungry howie’s is open on easter sunday", he said

my dad is an egg